Mildred Frances Goldie

Surname: Goldie
Other names: Mildred Frances
Other people in this story:
George Goldie
Fanny Goldie (nee Burt)
Charles William Day
Locations in this story:
Compton Abbas, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Prees Heath, Shropshire
Cairo, Egypt
Stalbridge, Dorset
Ramsbury, Berkshire

Mildred Frances Goldie was born on 23 Apr 1894 at Compton Abbas, Shaftesbury, Dorset, the daughter of George Goldie and Fanny Goldie (nee Burt).  She lived all her early life in Compton Abbas until obtaining a position as Governess at Manor Farm, Ramsbury, Berkshire.  From here she joined the British Red Cross (Voluntary Aid Detachment) on 23 Jul 1917 and was posted as a Nurse to Prees Heath Military Hospital, Shropshire until 17 Jan 1818 when she embarked for Egypt and joined the VAD's at the 31st General Hospital, Cairo, Egypt, until her discharge on 28 Jun 1919.  She was awarded the Victory Medal.   She married Charles William Day in Stalbridge, Dorset, on 8 Apr 1920 and they went on to have two children.  By the 1939 Register Mildred was living at Whittonditch Farm, Ramsbury, Berkshire.  She died in 1974.


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