William Henry Haimes

Surname: Haimes
Other names: William Henry
Other people in this story:
Henry Haimes
Mary Ann Haimes (nee Gurd)
Kathleen Emily Mary Gurd
Locations in this story:
Donhead St. Andrew, Wiltshire
Blackboy Hill, Western Australia
Barnet, Hertfordshire
Gallipoli, Turkey
France & Flanders
Stanmore, Middlesex
Jolimont, Perth, Western Australia

William Henry Haimes was born in Donhead St. Andrew, Wiltshire, on 7 Oct 1885 the son of Henry Haimes and Mary Ann Haimes (nee Gurd).  He spent his early life in and around Scotts Hill, Donhead St. Andrew until he had, prior to 1911, emigrated to Western Australia.  He had enlisted on 19 Nov 1914 and joined the Australian Imperial Force as a Private (Service No. 1479).  He was initially with the 2nd Company of the 16th Battalion when he fought with them at Gallipoli, Turkey.  He appears to have suffered frequent bouts of dysentry during his service and on his journey to France and Flanders, where he arrived on 7 Aug 1916, this was often reported on.  He was wounded on 11 Apr 1917 and also received gun shot wounds on 22 Nov 1917 which resulted in him being repatriated to the UK where he spent time at the 24th War Hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex.  During his recuperation he found time to marry Kathleen Emily Mary Gurd in Barnet, Hertfordshire, during early 1918.   He was returned to Australia on 5 Apr 1918 and subsequently discharged and awarded the Victory and British War Medals as well as the 1915 Star.  His address in 1967 was 4 Roseberry Street, Jolimont, Perth, Western Australia and it was at this time he applied for the newly granted ANZAC Memorial Medallion (Gallipoli).   His death was recorded in Perth, Western Australia, on 4 Nov 1969.


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