St. Lawrence's Church, Farnham

William Charles Barrett

Surname: Barrett
Other names: William Charles
Other people in this story:
Joseph Barrett
Eliza Barrett née Hiscock
Locations in this story:
Farnham, Dorset
Salisbury, Wiltshire

William Charles Barrett was born on 13th September 1880 in Farnham, Dorset, the son of Joseph Barrett and Eliza Barrett (née Hiscock).  He spent most of his life, apart from Military Service, in and around Farnham.  He enlisted on 20th January 1916 but was not mobilized until 10th October 1916 when he joined the 13th Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment as a Private (Service No. 42126).  Within days he was transferred to the 2nd Works Company of the Devonshire Regiment until the 28th April 1917 when he was transferred again to the 311th (Home Service) Labour Company of the Labour Corps (Service No. 171979).  On the 23rd Juyl 1918 he was again moved, this time to the 3rd Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment (Service No. 46831).   He served his whole time in the UK until being demobilized on 17th March 1919.  No medal records can be found in this case.  By the 1939 Register he was still living in Farnham, Dorset, and described as a Carpenter.   He died in the Salisbury, Wiltshire, Registration District and was cremated on 27th September 1968.  His ashes were buried in the churchyard of Farnham Church.  He had remained single throughout his life.


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