Walter William Reeves

Surname: Reeves
Other names: Walter William
Other people in this story:
William Reeves
Hannah Reeves
Emily Bennett
Locations in this story:
Bourton, Dorset
Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Walter William Reeves was born in Bourton, Dorset, in 1858 and baptised there on 10 Oct 1858 the son of William and Hannah Reeves.  He married Emily Bennett at Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 7 Jan 1885.  They went on to have thirteen children.  From 1877 Walter had served in the Dorsetshire Regiment for a period of 19 years, some of them in India, but had been discharged.  He re-enlisted 17 Aug 1916 at the age of 57 years and joined the 164th Protection Company of the Royal Defence Corps as a Private (Service No. 33820).  He was discharged on 6 Mar 1919 being no longer physically fit to serve.  There are no obvious medal records.  He was living at 54 West Street, Fontmell Magna, when he died in 1937 and buried at Fontmell Magna on 30 Jul 1937.


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