Winifred Jessie Young

Surname: Young
Other names: Winifred Jessie
Other people in this story:
Ernest George Young
Emily Mary Young née Pike
John Eric Forsyth Montague
Aubrey David Noel Forsyth Forrest
William C. Yates
Locations in this story:
Motcombe, Dorset
Harthill Farm, Semley, Wiltshire
Tisbury War Hospital, Tisbury Vicarage, Tisbury, Wiltshire
Barnstable, Devon
Hanover Square, London
Bradfield, Berkshire
Westminster, London
Teigh, Rutland

Winifred Jessie Young was born in Motcombe, Dorset, on 10th October 1897 and baptised at Semley, Wiltshire, on 7th November 1897 the daughter of Ernest George Young (a Farmer at Harthill Farm, Semley, Wiltshire) and Emily Mary Young (née Pike).   Winifred lived all her early life at Semley with her parents. Following the outbreak of war she joined the British Red Cross (Voluntary Aid Detachment) and became a nurse at the Tisbury (Auxilary A) Hospital which was situated in the Tisbury Vicarage, Tisbury, Wiltshire.  She served from May 1915 to May 1916.  

She married John Eric Forsyth Montague in Barnstable, Devon, in 1921. She was possibly divorced prior to 1932 when she married Aubrey David Noel Forsyth Forrest at St. Georges, Hanover Square, London, in late 1932.  The relationship of the two husbands is not known.  By the time of the 1939 Register Winifred was living in Flower Court, Bradfield, Berkshire with her stockbroker husband and one daughter. Aubrey died in early 1941 and Winifred appears to have remarried a William C. Yates in Westminster, London, in late 1941.  When she died in the village of Teigh, Rutland, on 13th April 1990 at the age of 92 she was recorded under her second married name of Forrest and buried in the churchyard of Holy Trinity, Teigh, Rutland.


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