William Henry Gatehouse

Surname: Gatehouse
Other names: William Henry
Other people in this story:
William Gatehouse
Mary Ann Gatehouse nee Adams
Clara Madonna Gray
Locations in this story:
Ludwell, Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire
Stepney, Middlesex
Tisbury, Wiltshire
Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire

William Henry Gatehouse was born in Ludwell, Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire, in 1852 the son of William Gatehouse, a Tailor and Draper, and Mary Ann Gatehouse (nee Adams).  He lived all his life apart from when an Apprentice Tailor in Stepney, Middlesex, for a few years.  Whilst boarding out in Stepney he had married Clara Madonna Gray at St. Dunstan's and All Saints Church, Stepney, on 11 Sep 1877.  They went on to have twelve children (nine boys and three girls - for details of eight of the sons who also served and survived in the conflict see the links below). Shortly after the outbreak of the war, William, who had been a Territorial member of the Dorsetshire Yeomanry, had enlisted on 14 Jun 1915 and joined the No. 2 Supply Company of the 4th Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment as a Private (Service No. 5796).  At some point he transferred to the Regular Army with Service No. 20886 and served with the 5th Battalion in the UK only.  He was further transferred to the Royal Defence Corps (Service No. 10339) on 29 Apr 1916 and served with the 260th and 300th Companies.  He was discharged on the 29 Aug 1917 (at the age of 65 years) being unfit for further duty and awarded the Silver War Badge No. 237965.  He was also in receipt of a small pension.  He died on 26 Oct 1930 whilst living in Church Hill, Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire, which event was recorded at the Tisbury, Wiltshire, Registry.


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