James Roberts

Surname: Roberts
Other names: James
Other people in this story:
James Roberts
Emma Jane Roberts (nee Lane)
Agnes Ellen Pickford
George Roberts
Locations in this story:
Enmore Green, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Shaftesbury, Dorset

James Roberts was born in Enmore Green, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 21 Apr 1879 and baptised at St. John's Church on 1 Jun 1879 the son of James Roberts and Emma Jane Roberts (nee Lane).  He lived most of his life in the Shaftesbury area.   He married Agnes Ellen Pickford at St. James Church, Shaftesbury, on 25 Dec 1903.   They went on to have five children.   He enlisted with the 4th Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment Territorial Force on 6 May 1908 and attended regular annual training camps (Service No. 495).    He was embodied on 4 Aug 1914 and served solely in the UK with the rank of Pioneer (Service No. 4529).  He was discharged on 5 May 1916 having completed the terms of his engagement.  He was awarded the Territorial Efficiency Medal on 1 Aug 1915 but no other medal records have been found.  At the time of his discharge he was living at 12 Bleke Street, Shaftesbury.    His wife died in 1937.   By the 1939 Register he had moved to 7 Mustons Lane, Shaftesbury and was employed as a Grocer's Yardman.  James died in 1960 in the Sturminster, Dorset, Registry area.  (N.B. He was an elder brother of George Roberts who served with the Monmouthshire Regiment.)


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