Howard William Highman

Surname: Highman
Other names: Howard William
Other people in this story:
George Highman
Elizabeth Highman
Florence Amelia Agnes Hyde
Locations in this story:
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Bournemouth, Hampshire
Stour Provost, Dorset
Gillingham, Dorset

Howard William Highman was born in Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 27th Jan 1897 the son of George and Elizabeth Highman. He lived at 25 Bimport, Shaftesbury, up until he volunteered for war service. He enlisted on 8th Dec 1915 and joined the Dorsetshire Regiment (7th Reserve Battalion) as a Private (Service No. 17605). He transferred shortly after to the Royal Irish Rifles (Service No. 10074). Having served in Salonika he returned to England and transferred to the Royal Flying Corps on 2 Jan 1918 (later the Royal Air Force from 1 Apr 1918) and served in Egypt. He achieved the rank of AC1 and remained until demobilized on 21 May 1920. He was awarded the Victory and British Medals. He re-enlisted in the RAF (Service No. 138519) on 18 Apr 1931 and served through until placed on Reserve on 18 Apr 1939. He had married Florence Amelia Alice Hyde in 1928 (Bournemouth District Register). There were possibly two children of the marriage. The family lived at 12 Fieldings, Shaftesbury at the time of the 1939 Register and, once no longer serving with the RAF, Howard became an Automobile Association Road Patrol. He died in Gillingham, Dorset, on 8 Dec 1976.


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