Henry Stanley Rogers

Surname: Rogers
Other names: Henry Stanley
Other people in this story:
George Rogers
Emily Rogers
Dorothy May Field
Locations in this story:
Semley, Wiltshire
West Tisbury, Wiltshire
France & Flanders
Bournemouth, Hampshire

Henry Stanley Rogers was born in Semley, Wiltshire, on 29 Jun 1896 the son of George and Emily Rogers.  He spent his early life at Semley Green, Semley, until by 1911 he was boarding in East Tisbury, Wiltshire, where he was working as a Drapers Assistant.  He enlisted and joined the Dorsetshire (Queen's Own) Yeomanry as a Private (Service No. 1381). He served in France and Flanders being transferred to the Corps of Hussars (Service No. 230649) and finally to the Guards Division of the Machine Gun Corps (Service No. 5044).   On his discharge he was awarded the Victory and British War Medals.   He married Dorothy May Field in Bournemouth, Hampshire, during 1926.  By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at 135 Redhill Drive, Bournemouth, Hampshire, working as a Shop Assistant (Carpets) as well as being a Special Constable.  His death was recorded in Bournemouth during 1970.


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