Emily Louisa Snook

Surname: Snook
Other names: Emily Louisa
Other people in this story:
Alfred M. Snook
Frances Snook née Paull
Francis Padwick Snook
Locations in this story:
Lower Farm, Stowell, Somerset
Sedgehill, Wiltshire
Woolwich London
Gosport, Hampshire
Tisbury War Hospital, Tisbury, Wiltshire

Emily Louisa Snook was born on 9th August 1883 at Stowell, Somerset, the daughter of Alfred M. Snook and Frances (Fanny) Snook (née Paull).  By 1901 the family had moved to Sedgehill, Wiltshire.  At the outbreak of the First World War she was living at Lower Farm, Sedgehill when she joined the Red Cross (Voluntary Aid Detachment). From February 1915 until February, 1916 she worked as a Cook at the Tisbury (Auxiliary A) War Hospital, Tisbury, Wiltshire.   She married Francis Padwick Snook (same surname) on 28th December 1916 at Sedgehill, Wiltshire.  There appeared to be no children of the marriage.  By the 1939 Register she was living at 97 Herbert Road, Woolwich, London, and her husband was a Customs Officer.  Her death is registered in Gosport, Hampshire, in 1969.


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