Colin Mitchell 1

Colin Mitchell

Surname: Mitchell
Other names: Colin
Other people in this story:
John Thomas Mitchell
Emma Mitchell
Locations in this story:
Mere, Wiltshire
Shaftesbury Grammar School, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Fletchin, France
Pozieres Memorial, France
France & Flanders

Colin Mitchell was born in Mere, Wiltshire in 1890. He was the son of John Thomas Mitchell, a farmer, and Emma Mitchell. He attended Shaftesbury Grammar School from February 1901 to April 1906 and appears on the 1901 Census as a boarder there. After leaving school he entered the Wilts and Dorset Bank. When the First World War broke out Colin joined the 8th Rifle Brigade as a Rifleman (Service No. B/567). He served in France & Flanders and was awarded the 1915 Star, Victory and British War medals. In 1916 he published Trampled Clay, a book of war poetry. The volume was published by Erskine MacDonald and included Hooge, which describes one of the first uses of flamethrowers in battle. Colin died at Fletchin in France on 22nd March 1918 and his name appears on the Pozieres Memorial, France (Panel 81 to 84). He is remembered on the Mere War Memorial and on the Shaftesbury Grammar School Memorial in Shaftesbury School.

A "First List of Old Shastonians Serving in H.M. Forces" was produced by Shaftesbury Grammar School in September 1915. It shows the regiment in which Colin served and the date and term in which he left school. His name was also included on a hand written list of Shaftesbury Grammar School old boys serving during the war. An asterix can be seen next to Colin's name, indicating that he had died. The board is now at Gold Hill Museum.

Printed Sources:
Shaftesbury Grammar School Magazine, October 1914
Shaftesbury Grammar School Magazine, June 1918
First List of Old Shastonians Serving in H.M. Forces, September 1915
Trampled Clay, by Colin Mitchell, Erskine MacDonald, 1916
Mitchell Family History by Mervyn Mitchell

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