Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury 2

Alfred Hillier

Surname: Hillier
Other names: Alfred
Other people in this story:
George Hillier
Sarah Annie Hillier (née Aldridge)
Matilda M. Hillier née Wright
Harold Sydney Hillier
Reginald George Hillier
Bertram Edgar Hillier
Clarence Fred Hillier
Locations in this story:
Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex

Alfred Hillier was born in Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 24th August 1894, the son of George Hillier (Watchmaker) and Sarah Annie Hillier (née Aldridge).  He lived most of his early life at the family home at 12 Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury.  His mother died in 1897 and his father re-married Matilda M. Wright in 1901.   Alfred enlisted with the Territorial Force of the Dorsetshire Regiment as a Private (Service Nos. 1538 & 8/3604).  In time he rose to the rank of Sergeant.  He transferred to the Machine Gun Corps (Service No. 62074) and, when on service in Kurdistan, with the 130th Company, was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal which was Gazetted on 12th February 1920.   Following his discharge he was awarded the Victory and British War medals as well as the Territorial Force War Medal though it is noted that the medals were returned to the issuing office on 6 Mar 1923.  He has not been found on the 1921 Census and the last local address per the Electoral Roll of 1923 was still 12 Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury.  He had been employed as a watchmaker's assistant.  His death was recorded in Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex, on 10th August 1972.  He remained single all his life. Alfred's brothers Harold Sydney, Reginald George, Bertram Edgar and Clarence Fred Hillier also served in the war and survived the conflict.


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