Harry Gray memorial scroll

Harry Gray

Surname: Gray
Other names: Harry
Other people in this story:
John Gray
Linda Gray
Sidney Charles Gray
Locations in this story:
Cann, Shaftesbury
France & Flanders
Lussenthoek Military Cemetery
St John's Hill, Shaftesbury
St. James' Church, Shaftesbury
St. Peter's Church, Shaftesbury
Holy Trinity Church, Shaftesbury
Motcombe, Dorset

Harry Gray was born in 1898 in Cann, Shaftesbury. He was the son of John Gray, a carter, and Linda Gray. His siblings included Sidney Charles, born in 1890. At the time of the 1911 Census Harry was single and living at St. Johns Hill, Shaftesbury. He enlisted as a Private in the Devonshire Regiment (Service No. 30809). He served in France and Flanders and was awarded the Victory and British War medals. He died on 16th August 1917 and was buried at Lussenthoek Military Cemetery (grave id. XVII.AA.12A). He is remembered on the Park Walk, Enmore Green and St. James’ war memorials in Shaftesbury. His name also appears on the Motcombe War Memorial, the Roll of Honour inside St. James’ Church and on the Holy Trinity Memorial, now in St. Peter's Church, Shaftesbury.  

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