William Locke

Surname: Locke
Other names: William
Other people in this story:
Amelia Moore
Locations in this story:
Lambeth, Surrey
West Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Manston, Sturminster. Dorset
Bristol, Gloucestershire
France & Flanders

William Locke was born in Surrey (possibly Lambeth) on 11 Apr 1895.  It is currently not known who his parents were and researches are ongoing.  He was admitted to the Lambeth, Surrey, Poor House & Institute in 1905.  By 1911 he was living with Amelia Moore at 8 West Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset, as a boarder working as a farm labourer.  He had enlisted on 31 Jan 1916 and joined the Devonshire Regiment as a Private (Service No. 17372) serving with the Regimental No. 2 Labour Company until on 28 Feb 1916 he was transferred to the Princess Charlotte of Wales (Royal Berkshire) Regiment as a Private (Service No. 29051).  He served in France and Flanders from 8 Jul 1916 with the Regimental 12th Labour Company during which time he was medically regraded and transferred to the 196th Labour Company  of the Labour Corps as a Private (Service No. 116169).  He was discharged on 3 Mar 1919 and awarded the Victory and British War Medals.  He returned to live on at 8 West Orchard and took up employment as a Farm Labourer at Higher Farm, Manston, Sturminster, Dorset.   By the time of the 1939 Register he had moved to Middle House Farm, Manston, Sturminster, Dorset, working as a Tree Feller and still single.   His death was recorded at the Bristol, Gloucestershire, registry during 1974.


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