William Hibberd

Surname: Hibberd
Other names: William
Other people in this story:
Frank Reuben Hibberd
Ellen Hibberd (nee Chubb)
Kate Poole
Ernest Edward Hibberd
Hubert William Hibberd
Locations in this story:
Semley, Wiltshire
Southampton, Hampshire
Swaything, Southampton, Hampshire
Eastleigh, Hampshire

William Hibberd was born in Semley, Wiltshire, on 13 Jan 1897 and baptised there on 14 Feb 1897 the son of Frank Reuben Hibberd and Ellen Hibberd (nee Chubb).  He spent all his early life in the Semley area.  He had enlisted with the Territorial Force of the Dorsetshire Regiment in August 1914 as a Private (Service No. 1953).  He served in India with the 1st/4th Battalion until moving to the Mespotamia area with a new Service No. 200409.  He was discharged on 2 Apr 1919 and awarded the Victory and British War Medals as well as the Territorial Force War Medal.  He apparently became a merchant seaman for a while working as a Trimmer.  He met and married Kate Poole in Southampton, Hampshire, on 17 Feb 1923.  He lived for a while in Southampton until he moved to live with a brother in Eastleigh, Hampshire, working as a Cable Machinist. By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at 8 Poppy Road, Swaything, Southampton, Hampshire, his job being Fining Copper Wire.  His death was recorded in Southampton, Hampshire, on 10 Dec 1971.  Of his brothers, Ernest Edward Hibberd served but was killed in action whereas Hubert William Hibberd served and survived.


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