William Arthur Attwooll

Surname: Attwooll
Other names: William Arthur
Other people in this story:
Arthur Attwooll
Elizabeth Attwooll (nee Bennett)
Annie Mabel Rayment
Locations in this story:
Tollard Royal, Wiltshire
Winton, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Holton Heath, Dorset
Lytchett Maltravers, Dorset
Blandford, Dorset

William Arthur Attwooll was born in Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, on 14 May 1898 the son of Arthur Attwooll, a Grocer, and Elizabeth Attwooll (nee Bennett).  He lived his early life in Tollard Royal until about 1907 when he moved with his family to 47 Ridley Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Hampshire.  He enlisted on 5 Sep 1916 and joined the Army Veterinary Corps as a Private (Service No. SE 21224).  He served in the UK only and was regrettably discharged on 9 Apr 1917 being physically unfit for further service.  He was awarded the Silver War Badge No. 181961.  No other medal records have been found.   His marriage to Annie Mabel Rayment was recorded at the Blandford, Dorset, Registry, during 1926.  By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at 7 Canford Avenue, Bournemouth, Hampshire, working as a ' Concreter' at the Holton Cordite Factory.  He was also in the Auxilary Artillery Service as a Gunner (Service No. 1460292) at the 77th Battery, Holton, Heath, Dorset.   By the time of his death on 7 Jan 1981 he was living at 'Inca', Glebe Road, Lytchett Maltravers, Dorset, where he was buried locally on 13 Jan 1961.


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