Walter Hardiman

Surname: Hardiman
Other names: Walter
Other people in this story:
Charles Hardiman
Louisa Hardiman née Burton
Locations in this story:
Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire
Salonika, Greece
France & Flanders
Winterslow, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Walter Hardiman was born on 16th February 1897 in Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire, and baptised there on 16th March 1897, the son of Charles Hardiman and Louisa Hardiman (née Burton).   He spent most of his life, apart from Military Service, in the Ebbesbourne Wake area. He enlisted with the Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire) Regiment on 6th September 1914 (Service No. 12159) but was shortly afterwards transferred to the Royal Dublin Fusiliers (Service No. 15221).  He served with the 7th and then the 1st Battalions in Salonika, Egypt and France & Flanders.  During his service he suffered various bouts of malaria.  He was discharged on 1st March 1919 and awarded the Victory and British War medals as well as the 1914/15 Star.  On discharge he went to live at Winterslow, Nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire.  Records beyond this point have not been found.


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