Stanley Charles Still

Surname: Still
Other names: Stanley Charles
Other people in this story:
Tom Still
Ellen Still (nee West)
Constance Griffiths
Susan E. Evans
Archibald Arthur Still
Clarence Reginald Still
Locations in this story:
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Perth, Western Australia
Kensington, London
Hampstead, London
Lambeth, London

Stanley Charles Still was born in Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 17 May 1888 the son of Tom Still and Ellen Still (nee West).  He lived with his parents in West Street, Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Dorset.  He had enlisted with the Dorset (Queen's Own) Yeomanry and served for 6 years in the Territorial Unit and had been discharged following the end of his engagement prior to 1911 (by which time his parents had moved to St. James Street, Shaftesbury).  Stanley had moved to Perth, Western Australia, and there enlisted on 25 Sep 1914 and was attached to the 16th Battalion of the Australian Imperial Force but only lasted a few weeks and was discharged as being unfit.  He however must have recovered sufficiently to re-enlist on the 19 May 1915 (Service No. 1037) being attached to the 28th Battalion and serving in Egypt.  Whilst in Egypt he had a motorcycle accident to his knee on duty and was posted to the UK as a Clerk in the Kit Service being promoted to Acting Corporal.   Whilst in England, and according to the Military Record, he married Constance Griffiths in Kensington, London, on 24 Jan 1918.  He was eventually discharged in London as being unfit for further service on 20 Oct 1919 and awarded the Silver War Badge No. A88666 as well as the Victory and British War Medals and 1915 Star.  By the 1939 Register he was living at 49 Achillies Road, Hampstead, London, working as a Bus Conductor.  His wife is noted as Susan E. Still (nee Evans) who he married in 1937.  (There are no obvious records of Constance dying or being divorced.)   His death was recorded in Lambeth, London, during 1978.  His name had been published on the Roll of Honour in the St. James' Church, Shaftesbury, Parish Magazine of Nov 1918.  His brothers, Archibald Arthur Still and Clarence Reginald Still, also both served in the conflict.


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