Sidney Elijah Lambert

Surname: Lambert
Other names: Sidney Elijah
Other people in this story:
Edwin Charles Lambert
Elizabeth Lambert (nee Young)
Irene Pearl Courtice
Locations in this story:
Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Henstridge, Somerset
Glastonbury, Somerset
York, Ontario, Canada
France & Flanders
Toronto, Canada
Ypres, Belgium

Sidney Elijah Lambert (Rev) was born in Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 19 Sep 1886 the son of Edwin Charles Lambert, an Under Butler at Motcombe House, and Elizabeth Lambert (nee Young).  He lived his very early life at The Lodge, Motcombe eventually moving to Henstridge, Somerset, and later Glastonbury, Somerset.  He emigrated to Canada arriving there on 30 Aug 1913.  He enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force on 19 Jun 1915 joining the 50th Infantry Battalion as a Private (Service No. 435398).  He was sent to France and Flanders and whilst there had suffered severe gunshot wounds to his left leg in Sep 1916 at Ypres, Belgium.  Despite treatment at various military hospitals in the UK and elsewhere he had his leg amputated on 26 Feb 1917.  He was fitted with an artificial limb on 15 Nov 1917 and returned to duty at a Military Hospital as a Captain in the Chaplains Department as he had apparently been studying for the Ministry in the Methodist Church following his arrival in Canada.   He qualified for the Victory and British War Medals on his discharge on 28 Jun 1920 though no record can be found.   He had married Irene Pearl Courtice in York, Ontario, Canada, on 30 Mar 1920.   He became President of the War Amputations of Canada Association and on his death on 5 May 1971 in Toronto, Canada, glowing tributes were paid to him in the press.


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