Shaftesbury Grammar School 3

Robert Beman Minchin

Surname: Minchin
Other names: Robert Beman
Other people in this story:
William Beman Minchin
Helen Emmitt Minchin née Tayler
May Doris Minchin née Jeffreys
Vivian Florence Fraser Minchin née Scott
Locations in this story:
Hazelton, Gloucestershire
Shaftesbury Grammar School, Shaftesbury, Dorset
France & Flanders
Horsham, Sussex
Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex
Widford, Essex

Robert Beman Minchin was born at Hazelton, Gloucestershire, on 20th November 1892 and baptised there on 8th January 1893, the son of William Beman Minchin and Helen Emmitt Minchin (née Tayler).   He spent his early life in Hazelton where his father was a Farmer. In 1907 he became a pupil at Shaftesbury Grammar School where he thrived academically and represented the school at football, cricket and athletics competitions. In 1911, having completed his education as a pupil, he joined the teaching staff at the school.  

Mr. Minchin enlisted at the outbreak of war in 1914 and joined the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry as a Private (Service Nos. 2765 and 200702).  He served in France and Flanders from 29 Mar 1915 during which time he transferred to the Royal Garrison Artillery on 30 Jun 1917 with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant later as a full Lieutenant.  On his discharge he was awarded the Victory and British War medals as well as the 1915 Star.   He resumed his career at Shaftesbury Grammar School and, on 20th March 1921, married May Doris Jeffreys at St. Mary's Church, Widford, Essex, and, per the 1921 Census, lived at Vale View, Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury.  There were two children of the marriage before May died on 15 Dec 1925.  Robert subsequently went on to remarry Vivien Florence Fraser Scott on 1st August 1935 at St. Saviour's Church, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.  They also had two children.  By the time of the 1939 Register, Robert was living at Shaftesbury Grammar School and was now the Headmaster.   His death is recorded in Horsham, Sussex, in 1971.

A "First List of Old Shastonians Serving in H.M. Forces" was produced by Shaftesbury Grammar School in September 1915. It shows the regiment in which Robert Minchin served and the date on which he left school. Throughout the war a hand-written list was also compiled of Shaftesbury Grammar School old boys serving in the armed forces. The board is now at Gold Hill Museum.

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