St. James, Shaftesbury 2

Richard Stacey

Surname: Stacey
Other names: Richard
Other people in this story:
Richard Stacey
Elizabeth Stacey née Arnold
Locations in this story:
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Alcester, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Dorchester, Dorset
St. James, Shaftesbury

Richard Stacey was born in Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 6th July 1874 and baptised at St. Peter's Church on 6th August 1874, the son of Richard Stacey and Elizabeth Stacey (née Arnold). Apart from his Military Service he lived all his life in the St. James/Alcester area of Shaftesbury.  He enlisted and joined the 642nd Labour Company of the Labour Corps as a Private (Service No. 190323). There are no evident medal records in this case. By the 1921 Census he was living at 50 St. James Street, Shaftesbury, working as a Labourer. By 1931 he was living in the Men's Almshouses, Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury, and, by the 1939 Register, had moved to the Public Assistance Institute, Alcester House, Alcester, Shaftesbury, where he was described as single and an Inmate (General Labourer Retired). His death is recorded at the Dorchester, Dorset, Registry in 1944.


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