Reginald Percy Victor Shute

Surname: Shute
Other names: Reginald Percy Victor
Other people in this story:
Ernest Stephen Shute
Aad Caroline Shute (nee Shute)
Violet Jane L. Wells
Locations in this story:
Hinton St. Mary, Marnull, Dorset
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Richmond, Yorkshire
Plymouth, Devon,

Reginald Percy Victor Shute was born in Hinton St. Mary, Marnull, Dorset, on 3 Sep 1895 the son of Ernest Stephen Shute and Ada Caroline Shute (nee Shute).  He lived his early life in the Hinton St. Mary area although he received some of his education at Shaftesbury Grammar School, Shaftesbury, Dorset.  He had enlisted and joined the 13th Battalion of the London Regiment becoming, in time, a Captain.  It is not known in which theatre of war he served but it is known he suffered gunshot wounds to his right groin for which he was later granted a pension.   Following his discharge he was awarded the Victory and British War Medals.   He had married Violet Jane L. Wells in Richmond, Yorkshire, during 1918.   By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at 123 Mount Gould Road, Plymouth, Devon, described as a Partner and Manager of an Upholstery and Bedding Factory.  His death was recorded in Plymouth on 30 Jan 1958.


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