Reginald Frederick John Fox

Surname: Fox
Other names: Reginald Frederick John
Other people in this story:
Charles James Fox
Eveline Cecilia Fox (nee Turner)
Kathleen Hilda May Hawkins
Locations in this story:
West Fleet, Dorset
Alvediston, Wiltshire
West Stafford, Dorchester, Dorset
Dorchester, Dorset
Lower Frome, Dorchester, Dorset
Weymouth, Dorset

Reginald Frederick John Fox was born in West Fleet, Dorset, on 25 Mar 1898 the son of Charles James Fox and Eveline Cecilia Fox (nee Turner). Shortly after his birth the family moved to Twenty Acres, Alvediston, Wiltshire, until 1911 when they moved again to West Stafford, Dorchester. Dorset.   Reginald had enlisted on 30 Apr 1917 with the 92nd & 93rd Training Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment as a Private (Service No. 7/2609).  However his sight was found to be defective and he was transferred to the 303rd Agricultural Company of the Labour Corps (Service No. 433660) and again later to the 441st Company.  He was ultimately discharged as being medically unfit for further service on 16 Sep 1919 and awarded the Silver War Badge No. B303229.  No other medals appear to have been awarded.  His marriage to Kathleen Hilda May Hawkins was recorded in Dorchester, Dorset, during the early part of 1929.  By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at Hill Cottage, Lower Frome, Dorchester, Dorset, working as a County Council Roadman.  His death was recorded in Weymouth, Dorset, during 1960.


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