Leo Vernon Sharpe

Surname: Sharpe
Other names: Leo Vernon
Other people in this story:
Walter Sharpe
Julia Elizabeth Sharpe (nee Rowland)
Trevor Sharpe
Montague Harry Sharpe
Denzil Walter Claude Sharpe
Kenneth Cyril Sharpe
Jean Orde Whillans
Locations in this story:
Stour Provost, Dorset
East Stour, Dorset
Henstridge, Somerset
Ontario, Canada
France & Flanders
Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Leo Vernon Sharpe (sometimes spelt 'Sharp') was born in Stour Provost on 5 Jan 1896 the son of Walter Sharpe, a Farmer, and Julia Elizabeth Sharpe (nee Rowland).  He lived his early life in East Stour until by 1911 he was living at Hill House, London Road, Henstridge, Somerset.  He emigrated to Canada arriving in Ontario on 11 Mar 1913.  He enlisted on 26 Oct 1917 but was not mobilized until 26 Apr 1918 in the 12th Battalion of the West Ontario Regiment as a Private (Service No. D3132898).  He served in France and Flanders and later transferred to the 7th Field Company of the Canadian Pioneers as a Sapper.  He was discharged on 15 Jun 1919 and whilst there are no medal records he qualified for the Victory and British War Medals.  He married Jean Orde Whillans in Middlesex, Ontario, Canada, on 25 Mar 1922.   His death was recorded in Middlesex, Ontario, Canada, on 9 Jun 1969.  Of his brothers, Trevor Sharpe died whilst serving whereas Denzil Walter Claude Sharpe, Montague Harry Sharpe and Kenneth Cyril Sharpe all served and survived the conflict.


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