John Massey Fuller

Surname: Fuller
Other names: John Massey
Other people in this story:
William James Fuller
Valerie Fuller née Thompson
Locations in this story:
Bournemouth, Dorset
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Exmouth, Devon

John Massey Fuller was born in Bournemouth, Hampshire, on 22 Jan 1900 and baptised there on 7 Apr 1900 the son of William James Fuller, an Analytical Chemist, and Valerie Fuller (née Thompson).  He lived his early life in the Bournemouth area except for a period of education from 1913 to 1917 at Shaftesbury Grammar School. "Jack" represented the school at football and at the Inter School sports, becoming the school's "Champion Athlete" in 1917. As a member of the school's cadet force he rose to the rank of Quarter-Master Sergeant and in 1917 won the school Shooting Cup.

In July 1917 he passed the Civil Service examination for entry into the Royal Marines and on 1st Sep received his first commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. He remained in the Royal Marines, gradually being promoted to his final rank of Colonel just prior to his discharge due to ill health on 4 Jan 1946.  He had received the Victory and British War Medals as well as WW2 General Service Medals.  In 1925 he was seconded to the Royal Air Force and he gained his 'wings' following which he flew off of aircraft carriers for a time. He achieved the nickname of 'Crash' which might have described his exploits in the air.  There is no indication that he married but he died in Exmouth, Devon, on 24 Aug 1966.

Printed Sources:
Shaftesbury Grammar School Magazine, February 1917
Shaftesbury Grammar School Magazine, June 1917
Shaftesbury Grammar School Magazine, November 1917


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