James Rideout

Surname: Rideout
Other names: James
Other people in this story:
Elijah Rideout
Jane Rideout
Edith Daisy Jarman
Locations in this story:
Cann, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Bangalore, India
Islington, London

James Rideout was born in Cann, Shaftesbury, Dorset, during 1882 the son of Elijah Rideout and Jane Rideout.  He lived his early life in Foots Hill, Cann, Shaftesbury.  He had enlisted by 1911 in the Royal Field Artillery as a Driver (Service No. 44002).  He served with the 'O' Battery in Bangalore, India.  On his eventual discharge he was awarded the Victory and British War Medals.  He married Edith Daisy Jarman in Islington, London on 17 Jul 1920.  (The marriage certificate gives his occupation as a Pugilist (Boxer)).  He died in Islington during 1935 and was buried there on 30 Oct 1935.


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