Ian Cunningham Eaton

Surname: Eaton
Other names: Ian Cunningham
Other people in this story:
Arthur Frederick Eaton
Mary Jane Eaton (nee McCrie)
Violette Randall
Blanche Irene Dunn
Locations in this story:
Weymouth, Dorset
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Pasadena, California, USA
San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California, USA
Nevada, USA

Ian Cunningham Eaton was born in Weymouth, Dorset, on 17 Feb, 1900 and baptised at Radipole, Weymouth, Dorset, on 24 Mar 1900 the son of Arthur Frederick Eaton and Mary Jane Eaton (nee McCrie).   He had attended as a Boarder at Shaftesbury Grammar School, Shaftesbury, Dorset, for some of his education.  He had joined the Royal Air Force towards the end of the conflict but there are no other military records available.  By 1919 he had emigrated to Pasadena, California, USA,  He had married Violette Randall sometime after arriving in America but this ended in divorce.  He went on to remarry Blanche Irene Dunn in Nevada, USA, on 2 Nov 1940.  He had also been registered on the  WW2 USA Military draft which indicates he was then living in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, USA.  His death was recorded on 1 Jun 1974.


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