Howard James Gray

Surname: Gray
Other names: Howard James
Other people in this story:
Sarah Jane Gray (nee Scammell)
James Taylor Gray
Ernest John Gray
Gladys Evelyn Roskell
Dorothy Gladys Rose Stockwell
Locations in this story:
Semley, Wiltshire
Buckland, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Cranwell, Buckinghamshire

Howard James Gray was born in Semley, Wiltshire, on 17 Aug 1889 the son of James Taylor Gray and Sarah Jane Gray (nee Scammell).  By the time of the 1901 Census Howard's father had died and Howard's mother with the other siblings were living at Gutch Common, Semley, Wiltshire.  By 1911 Howard had moved to Buckland, Portsmouth, Hampshire, where he was boarding out and working as a Pastry Cook.  He married Gladys Evelyn Roskell in Portsmouth, Hampshire, on 10 Mar 1915.  He had enlisted in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraftsman Cook on 3 Sep 1918 (Service No. 291030).  He was due for discharge on 8 Feb 1919 but remained in the RAF at Cranwell, Buckinghamshire, until 16 Oct 1919.  He did not qualify for any medals.  His wife regrettably died in 1934.  By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at 36 Funtington Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, working as a Baker and Confectioner's Van Driver.  He remarried Dorothy Gladys Rose Stockwell in Portsmouth, Hampshire, during 1956 where he later died on 30 Dec 1961.  His brother, Ernest John Gray, also served during the conflict.


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