Horace Genge Bloom

Surname: Bloom
Other names: Horace Genge
Other people in this story:
Henry George Bloom
Mary Susanna Bloom (nee Genge)
Hazel Anastasia Rolland
Locations in this story:
Easton, Gloucestershire
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Toronto, Canada
York, Ontario

Horace Genge Bloom was born in Bristol on 20 Dec 1893 and baptised at St. Marks Church, Easton, Gloucestershire, on 14 Jan 1896 the son of Henry George Bloom and Mary Susanna Bloom (nee Genge).  He lived his early life in Bristol until by 1911 he was a Pupil boarder at Shaftesbury,Grammar School, Dorset.  His father had died about 1913 and he had emigrated to Toronto, Canada, along with his mother and living at 903 Bathurst Road, Toronto, working as a Clerk.  He had enlisted on 22 Dec 1915 with the 75th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force as a Private (Service No. 140636).  He was posted to the UK arriving on 4 May 1916 where he worked in the record office of his Battalion.  He suffered various bouts of abdominal problems resulting in him being invalided back to Canada on 29 Dec 1917 where he was eventually discharged on 1 Apr 1918 as being unfit for further duty.  There are no obvious medal records in this case.  He married Hazel Anastasia Rolland in York, Ontario, Canada, on 11 Aug 1924.  His last known address was 99 Delaware Road, Toronto.  No other records have been discovered since.


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