Harry James Lodge

Surname: Lodge
Other names: Harry James
Other people in this story:
William Lodge
Phoebe Lodge née Stokes
Nina Lavinia Lodge née Bowering
George Stokes Lodge
Locations in this story:
Hartgrove, East Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Weymouth, Dorset
France & Flanders
Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset

Harry James Lodge was born in East Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 9th July 1881, the son of William Lodge and Phoebe Lodge (née Stokes).  He lived his early life in Hartgrove, East Orchard, until by 1901 he had moved to Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset, and was working as a Plasterer.  He married Nina Lavinia Bowering in the Weymouth, Dorset, Registry District in 1904.   He returned to East Orchard to live by 1911.   He enlisted on 12 Dec 1915 with the 7th Battalion of the Leinster Regiment as a Private (Service No. 5365).  He served in France and Flanders and, whilst there, received a gun shot wound in the neck.  He was discharged as being no longer physically fit on 31st March 1919 and was granted a pension.  He was awarded the Victory and British War medals together with the Silver War Badge No. B160884.   Both the  1921 Census  and 1939 Register shows him living at 6 Belle Vue, Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset, and in both cases was described as a Disabled Pensioner.  His death was recorded in Weymouth in 1970.  His brother, George Stokes Lodge, also served in the conflict.


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