George William Waters

Surname: Waters
Other names: George William
Other people in this story:
Charles James Salway Waters
Elizabeth Good Waters (nee Miles)
Jack Fitzroy Waters
Nellie Stanford
Locations in this story:
Charlton All Saints, Wiltshire
West Woodyates, Dorset
Fordingbridge, Hampshire
Woodmore Martin, Hampshire

George William Waters was born in Charlton All Saints, Wiltshire, on 22 Sep 1885 the son of Charles James Salway Waters and Elizabeth Good Waters (nee Miles).  He lived most of his early years at Manor Farm, Pentridge, West Woodyates, Dorset.   He had enlisted on 6 May 1908 and joined the Territorial Unit of the Dorset (Queen's Own) Yeomanry as a Private (Service No. 906).  He attended annual camps as part of his service.  He married Nellie Stanford in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, during 1913.  He was embodied on 5 Aug 1914 and his unit became part of the Corps of Hussars (Service No. 123).  He served in the UK only, being released at one time to help with the harvest on his home farm, and reached the rank of Sergeant during his engagement which came to an end on 5 May 1916.  There are no medal records evident.  By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at Toyd Farm, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, described as a Pig and Poultry Farmer.   His death was recorded in Woodmore Martin, Hampshire, on 13 Aug 1946.  His brother, Jack Fitzroy Waters, also served but regrettably died during the conflict.


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