Enmore Green, The Knapp

Frank Phillips

Surname: Phillips
Other names: Frank
Other people in this story:
Edward Phillips
Edith Phillips née White
Lucy Alice Phillips née Morgan
Locations in this story:
Enmore Green, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Wardour, Wiltshire
Tisbury, Wiltshire
Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire

Frank Phillips was born at Enmore Green, Shaftesbury, Dorset in 1885, the son of Edward Phillips and Edith Phillips (née White). By 1901 he was living at Wardour, Wiltshire. He enlisted with the Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire) Regiment on 28th March 1901 (Service No. 6635). He transferred to the Royal Field Artillery on 3rd November 1902 (Service No. 27222) until discharged to the reserves on 2nd November 1905. He was mobilized on 5th August 1914 but discharged on 9th November 1915 having completed his term of service. He married Lucy Alice Morgan at Tisbury on 1st February 1916 (no known children) but was later recalled to duty the same year and served through until demobilization on 19th February 1919 with the rank of Bombardier. He was awarded the Victory and British War medals as well as the 1914 Star. His last known address was Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire. His date of death is unknown.

Source: Based on previous research by Ken Baxter.


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