Frank Charles Lawrence

Surname: Lawrence
Other names: Frank Charles
Other people in this story:
Tom Lawrence
Sarah Ann Lawrence (nee Dibben)
Locations in this story:
Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Eastbourne, Sussex
France & Flanders

Frank Charles Lawrence was born in Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Dorset, in 1885 and baptised there on 18 Oct 1885 the son of Tom Lawrence and Sarah Ann (Annie) Lawrence (nee Dibben).   He lived much of his life in Lurmer Street, Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, except for a period when he worked as a Servant at Rosemount, Grand Parade, Eastbourne, Sussex (then a private residence).   He enlisted on 12 Feb 1916 and joined the 1/3rd Battalion of the London Regiment as a Private (Service No. 5600).  He later transferred to the 5th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers (Service No. 63517) and then the 2nd Battalion (Service No. 210266).  His final move was to the Royal Defence Corps (Service No. 96260)..  During his service he was in France and Flanders but was eventually discharged being unfit for further duty due to sickness on 12 Dec 1918.  He was awarded the Silver War Badge No. B66427 and the Victory and British War Medals.  No other information regarding Frank has been found except a family reference to his death in 1958.


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