Ernest John Gray

Surname: Gray
Other names: Ernest John
Other people in this story:
James Taylor Gray
Sarah Jane Gray (nee Scammell)
Edith Mary Hooper
Locations in this story:
Semley, Wiltshire
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Scilly Isles

Ernest John Gray was born in Semley, Wiltshire, on 14 Jun 1887 the son of James Taylor Gray, a Market Gardener, and Sarah Jane Gray (nee Scammell).  He lived his early life with his family in Gutch Common, Semley, until he moved to live with his mother's brother in Portsmouth, Hampshire, following the death of his father in 1894.  He later went to live with his mother, working as a Grocer's Assistant, at 97 Shearer Road, Portsmouth.   He married Edith Mary Hooper in Portsmouth during 1912.  He enlisted with the Royal Naval Air Service on 2 Jul 1917 (Service No. F32585) and was based in the Scilly Isles.  He was transferred to the Royal Air Force when they were formed on 1 Apr 1918 as a Private Class 1 until he was re-classified as an Aircraftsman Class 1.   He was discharged on 8 Mar 1919.   His died on 28 Mar 1931 in Portsmouth as the very early age of 43 years.


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