Edward Francis Horder

Surname: Horder
Other names: Edward Francis
Other people in this story:
William Henry Horder
Emma Jane Horder (nee Trowbridge)
Louisa Lewer
Percy George Horder
Bertie Edwin John Horder
Locations in this story:
Charlton, Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire
Horningham, Wiltshire
Pimperne, Blandford, Dorset
Blandford, Dorset

Edward Francis Horder was born in Charlton, Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire, on 27 Oct 1884 the son of William Henry Horder, a Gamekeeper, and Emma Jane Horder (nee Trowbridge).  He lived all his early life in Charlton, Donhead St. Mary.  He married Louisa Lewer in Horningham, Dorset, on 15 May 1906.  They went on to live in Pimperne, Blandford, Dorset.  He had enlisted on 10 Dec 1915 with the Royal Field Artillery as a Gunner (Service No. 73349).  He attended a Shoe Smithing course and became a Shoeing Smith with the eventual rank of Bombardier.  It is thought, from his service records, that he served in the UK only and was discharged on 20 Feb 1919.  No medal records can be found though he appears to have qualified for the Victory and British War Medals by virtue of his service.   By the time of the 1939 Register he was living at 58 Salisbury Road, Blandford, Dorset, working as a Gardener (Private).  His death was recorded in Blandford on 31 Jan 1952 and he was buried there on 2 Feb 1952.  His brothers, Percy George Horder and Bertie Edwin John Horder, also served in the conflict.


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