Charles Stone Mansfield

Surname: Mansfield
Other names: Charles Stone
Other people in this story:
William Charles Mansfield
Mary Elizabeth. Mansfield (nee Stone)
Mary Ann Jones
Thomas Mansfield
Locations in this story:
Shaftesbury, Dorset
St. Pancras, London
Kingston on Thames, Surrey

Charles Stone Mansfield was born in Shaftesbury in 1860 the son of William Charles Mansfield and Mary Elizabeth Mansfield (nee Stone).  He lived his early life in Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury, until moving to St. Pancras, London prior to 1880 to work as a Railway Clerk.  He married Mary Ann Jones on 6 Jul 1880 at St. Pancras, London, and they went on to have nine children,   By 1911 Charles' family had moved to Kingston on Thames, Surrey.   He enlisted on 4 Nov 1914 at 54 years of age and joined the 59th Company of the Royal Defence Corps.  (Service No. 35198).  He transferred to the 61st Company and was promoted to Lance Corporal.  He served in the UK only and was eventually discharged on 2 Mar 1919.  There are no medal records for this soldier.  He died on 30 Jan 1933 at 20 Wolverton Avenue, Kingston on Thames, Surrey.  (Thomas Stone, Charles' brother, also served in the conflict.)


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