Charles Randolph Hiscock

Surname: Hiscock
Other names: Charles Randolph
Other people in this story:
Arthur Hiscock
Mary Sophia Hiscock née Williams
Mary Eileen Hiscock née Jesty
Locations in this story:
Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Shillingstone, Dorset
Cherry Orchard, Anvil Cross, Dunmow, Essex
Weymouth, Dorset
Manor Farm, Turnpike, Motcombe Road, Shaftesbury
Semley, Wiltshire

Charles Randolph Hiscock was born in Motcombe, Dorset on 15th July 1888, the son of Arthur Hiscock and Mary Sophia Hiscock (née Williams). The family lived at Manor Farm, Turnpike, Motcombe Road, Shaftesbury, Dorset where Charles assisted his father on the farm. He enlisted with the Territorial Force of the Dorset (Queen's Own) Yeomanry on 15th April 1908 attending annual training camps. After mobilization at the commencement of WW1 he served all his time in the UK and achieved the rank of Corporal (Service Nos. 896 & 219). Towards the end of his service he had two periods of temporary demobilization due to the need for work on the family farm. After completing 8 years service he was fully discharged on 14th April 1916 in order for him to return to his full time occupation as a Farmer. There are no medal records. The 1921 Census shows him living at Senior's Farm, Semley, Wiltshire, described as a Farmer. He married Mary Eileen Jesty at Shillingstone, Dorset, on 20th April 1927 and they went on to have one child. His last know address was Cherry Orchard, Anvil Cross, Dunmow, Essex, per the 1939 Register, where he was now working as a Farm Manager. He had later moved to 28 Links Road, Weymouth, Dorset where he died on 26th January 1968.

Source: Based on previous research by Ken Baxter.


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