Bertie Alford

Surname: Alford
Other names: Bertie
Other people in this story:
Sidney Herbert Alford
Clara Jane Alford (nee Marshall)
Atena Alford
James Alford
Herbert Alford
Locations in this story:
Motcombe, Dorset
Bucharest, Romania

Bertie Alford was born in Motcombe, Dorset, during 1884 the son of Sidney Herbert Alford and Clara Jane Alford (nee Marshall).  He lived his early life in The Street, Motcombe.   He had married Atena (maiden name unknown) Alford in Bucharest, Romania on 25 Jan 1915.  He had enlisted with the Royal Flying Corps on 31 Jan 1917 (Royal Air Force from 1 Apr 1918) as a Aircraftsman Class 1 (Service No. 58084),  He served most of his time in the UK as a Fitter.  He was discharged on 22 Aug 1919 and gave his forwarding address as 24 Strada Atena, Bucharest, Romania.  No other information has been found beyond this date.  His brothers, James Alford and Herbert Alford, both served and survived the conflict.


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