Bernard Richard Paul Bukow

Surname: Bukow
Other names: Bernard Richard Paul
Other people in this story:
Richard Bernhard Paul Bukow
Lucy Amelia Stride
Winifred Amy Waite
Alice Stride
Locations in this story:
Bayswater, London
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Farnham, Surrey
Westminster, London
Lavender Hill, London
Newcastle upon Tyne

Bernard Richard Paul Bukow was born in Bayswater, London, on 26 Dec 1901 the son of Richard Bernhard Paul Bukow and Lucy Amelia Stride.  By 1911 he was living at 25  Elspeth Road, Lavender Hill, London, described as a Visitor living with Alice Stride (Widow).  He had been a pupil at Shaftesbury Grammar School, Shaftesbury, Dorset, for some of his education.  In 1918 he had enlisted and joined the Grenadier Guards (Service No. 2605504) eventually becoming a Warrant Officer Class II based at the Guards HQ in Birdcage Walk, London.  He married Winifred Amy Waite in Farnham, Surrey, on 26 Dec 1926.  He remained in the Guards and by the 1939 Register was living at 31 South Park Grove, New Malden, Surrey.  He was transferred to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in 1941 (Service No. 183002) and promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on 28 Apr 1941 working at the Administration Branch of the Corps.  On his retirement from the Army in 1945 he was appointed an Honorary Captain.  He moved to Newcastle upon Tyne and remained in the area until his death on 28 Aug 1990.


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