William Thorn

Surname: Thorn
Other names: William
Other people in this story:
Mary Fulford
Locations in this story:
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Shipton Bellinger, Wiltshire

William Thorn was born in Shaftesbury, Dorset, and his birth registered there in the July/September Quarter of 1876.  He had served with the 3rd Dorsetshire Regiment as a Volunteer which service had terminated.   He had married Mary Fulford at St. Martin's Church, Salisbury, Wiltshire, in 1912 and they were living at Freemans Cottages, Shipton Bellinger, Wiltshire, at the time William re-enlisted on 1 Sep 1914 and joined the 3rd Battalion of the Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire) Regiment as a Private (Service No. 9976).   However he was discharged on 3 Oct 1914 having been found medically unfit to serve due to a severe hernia.  There in no other information on this person.


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