Thomas Edward Chapman

Surname: Chapman
Other names: Thomas Edward
Other people in this story:
Thomas Edward Chapman
Annie Lavinia Elliott
Locations in this story:
Lambeth, London
Motcombe, Dorset
Forton, Gosport, Hampshire
Fareham, Hampshire

Thomas Edward Chapman was born in Lambeth, London, on 9 Sep 1873 the son of Thomas Edward Chapman.  (N.B. Very little information on his early life has been found.).  He enlisted with the Royal Marines Light Infantry on 9 Jun 1892 as a Private (Service No. 14136).   He married Annie Lavinia Elliott at Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset. on 8 Jul 1908.  By 1911 Thomas was living at 11 St. Ann's Crescent, Forton, Gosport, Hampshire, still serving in the Marines.  There is little known about his service or medal entitlement during WW1 but his Absent Voters List 1918 record shows his address as Haines Farm, Motcombe.  The only remaining fact is that he died on 9 Apr 1951 when he was living at 'Claremont', Bridgemary, Fareham, Hampshire, and that his remaining estate went to his wife, Annie.


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