St. Lawrence's Church, Farnham

Henry Edward Harrison

Surname: Harrison
Other names: Henry Edward
Other people in this story:
George Henry. Harrison
Annie Jane Harrison nee Tynan)
Locations in this story:
Sidney Street, Mile End,, London
Basra Memorial, Basra, Iraq
Sidney Street, Mile End, London
Blandford Forum, Dorset
Woodcutts, Wiltshire
Farnham, Dorset

Henry Edward Harrison was born in 1898 at 25 Sidney Street, Mile End, London. He was the son of Henry George Harrison (a Police Constable originally from Dorset) and Annie Jane Harrison (nee Tynan). Henry's father died in 1902 and was buried at Farnham, Dorset on 18th September, 1902. By the 1911 Census he was still living in Sidney Street, Mile End and was unemployed. He enlisted at Blandford as a Private and joined the 2nd Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment (Service No. 16294). At the time enlistment he was single, unemployed and living at Woodcutts, Wiltshire. He served in Mesopotamia and was awarded the Victory and British War medals. He died on 25th March 1917 and his name appears on the Basra Memorial, Basra, Iraq (Panels 22 & 53). He is remembered on the Farnham War Memorial in St. Lawrence's Church and on the Sixpenny Handley War Memorial.

  • Farnham War Memorial

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