Emma G. Green

Surname: Green
Other names: Emma G.
Other people in this story:
Miss Dunn
Locations in this story:
Amberleaze Farm, Semley, Wiltshire
Mere, Wiltshire
Red Cross Hospital, Station Road, Gillingham, Dorset

(Miss) Emma G. Green was living at Amberleaze Farm, Semley, Wiltshire, when she was a member of the British Red Cross (Voluntary Aid Detachment) from 13th October 1915 until 6th March 1919.  She was a Nurse at the Red Cross Hospital, Station Road, Gillingham, Dorset.  This Hospital was set up in Miss Dunn's High School for Girls from 1914 to 1919 and came under the control of the Shaftesbury Division (Dorset/98) of the British Red Cross.  It initially had 35 beds but this was eventually extended to 62.  Being near the railway station it was a convenient point of reference.  The only other facts known are that Emma was born in 1885 and died in the Mere, Wiltshire, Registry District in 1968.


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