Edwin William Dare

Surname: Dare
Other names: Edwin William
Other people in this story:
William Edward Dare
Pearl Dare (nee Daubney)
Agnes C. Marsh
Locations in this story:
Shaftesbury, Dorset
Mediterranean Area

Edwin William Dare was born in Shaftesbury in 1896 the son of William Edward Dare (the Licensee of the Crown Inn, High Street, Shaftesbury) and Pearl Dare (nee Daubney). Edwin enlisted as a Private in the Reserve of the 4th Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment in September 1912 (Service No. 1669). He was embodied on 4 Aug 1914 and served with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force until 29 Mar 1918 when he transferred to the Royal Army Medical Corps (Service No. 461597). He was discharged on 26 Mar 1919 due to being surplus to requirements and having suffered impairment due to malaria. For this he was awarded a pension. He was also awarded the Victory and British Medals, the 1914/15 Star and the Territorial Force Medal. He received the King's Certificate No. T.4109. He married Agnes C. Marsh in July, 1927. There are no records of children. By the 1939 Register he and his wife were living at 49 Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset, and employed as a Driver/Mechanic. He died in 1969.


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