Edward Whitley Baker

Surname: Whitley-Baker
Other names: Edward
Other people in this story:
Edward Whitley-Baker
Clara Mary Whitley-Baker (nee Dowsing)
Locations in this story:
Wimborne, Dorset
Shaftesbury, Dorset
France & Flanders
Berlin, Germany

Edward Whitley-Baker was born on 6 Feb 1889 and baptised at Wimborne Minster on 20 Apr 1889 the son of Edward Whitley-Baker (a Veterinary Surgeon) and Clara Mary Whitley-Baker (nee Dowsing).  He lived most of his early life in Wimborne except between 1901 and 1911 he was a boarder pupil at Shaftesbury Grammar School, Shaftesbury, Dorset.   He had enlisted with the 5th Battalion of the Coldstream Guards becoming as Lance Corporal (Service No. 12853).  However on 31 Aug 1916 he transferred to the Royal Engineers having become an Officer Cadet.  He was eventually commissioned as a Lieutenant and served in France and Flanders with the 17th Divisional Signal Company where he was awarded the Military Cross per a London Gazette notice dated 3 Jun 1919.   Following the end of hostilities he was posted to Berlin, Germany, attached to the 65th Headquarters Company of the 51st Infantry Brigade.  He however died on 16 Dec 1920 of pneumonia at the Burggrafen Street Infirmary, Berlin.  He was buried back in the UK in the Wimborne Minster Cemetery on 24 Dec 1920 (WGC Grave Ref. C. 6. 5280). He was also awarded the Victory and British War Medals as well as the 1915 Star.   He is also remembered on the Dorset Freemasons Memorial at Sherborne, Dorset.  


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